Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tuesday - Jam Packed Day

On Tuesday morning we headed to a bris, Chanie & Chaim's nephew Avromi married to Baltimorean Esti W. Was so nice to see Esti's mom, Chavi, and her cousin Dina. Then I headed to the Kotel for Shacharit. Saying Hallel there felt so good. Definitely a lot to be thankful for. Then met up with Uncle Aaron, Tanta Ronda & kids (and also their guest Ronit) for a tour of a new exhibit near the Kotel Tunnels. It is called The Chain of Generations Center. It was really beautiful and very emotional. Definitely recommended.

Spent some time in the Old City and then back to Chanie's. Bumped into friend Ruchama (S) F at the makolet (grocery store) and Chaviva (S) N on the walk back. Then headed to Ramat Beit Shemesh (the bus ride took forever!) to see Adina's nieces and nephews, and oh yeah, their parents too. Went out to dinner with Adina & Michal - wasn't too crazy about the place (sorry, Adina, I know it's your favorite) but we had a really nice time. Finally got back to Yerushalayim just as Angel's Bakery was closing, thank goodness ;). The bus let me off on Rechov Shmuel Hanavi so it was just a short walk to Chanie's. Luckily, the weather was beautiful for my entire trip (although I was adding the special tefillah for rain--Israel really needs it now) and walking through the streets at night was so beautiful and peaceful. Chanukiyot were still lit and many people light outside, on the curbside, so it was just nice to pass them all as I walked. There is nothing like Yerushalayim at night.

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