Friday, December 29, 2006

Monday - Leaving on a Jet Plane

On Monday morning the cab came at 7 AM to take me to the airport. That's what happens when you use a shared taxi - I was the first pick up. It gave me lots of time to reflect on leaving Yerushalayim. As we got on the highway and started towards the airport, I really felt like I was leaving a part of my heart in Yerushalayim. Libi B'Mizrach...

The check in counter wasn't even open by the time I got to the airport, but once it did open check in was smooth. I had lots of time until we boarded - went to both Michal Negrin stores (before and after security) and all the other duty free shops. This was the first time I took a daytime flight - not recommended. No one really sleeps and there is a lot of noise. Next time, night flights both ways. Shira & Eli VERY graciously brought my car to the airport so that I could go straight home.

Hard to believe I'm back. Trip was absolutely amazing.


Ezzie said...

I really enjoyed the videos... were those at night? It looks like it's daytime.

Sounds like it was an amazing trip. (I'm jealous!) How'd you pack so much in!?

SaraK said...

The videos were from menorah lighting, which they do kinda early-ish, like 4:45 PM, so it's still sort of light outside. Yes, it was an amazing trip. You guys should go! (I know, easier said than took me 5 years since my last visit)