Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Monday--To Yerushalayim!

On Monday morning Ronda, Batsheva & I headed to Yerushalayim to meet up with cousin Malka and baby Yosef. Went out for lunch together and did some shopping in Meah Shearim. Bumped into Baltimoreans Adina F (aka Diana's Adina) and Essie G and also Malki B. (This is going to become a recurring theme, stay tuned) Ronda had to go pick up someone from the airport (the Modiin Motel never closes!) so I walked back to Chanie's and then took a cab to the Kotel to catch mincha (afternoon prayer services). Met Nechama & Zev S and also Rabbi & Mrs. R who were visiting. Adina had been there most of the afternoon so we stayed for Menorah Lighting. What an incredible experience. I could not stop the tears as I watched the menorah being lit at the holiest site in the world. (I took these videos)

After all the singing and dancing, Adina & I headed to a cafe that overlooks the Kotel to have some hot drinks since it had gotten very chilly. Then we parted ways and I went back to Chanie's for dinner.

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