Friday, August 12, 2011

Tisha B'Av

I know, I promised a post about Ulpan, but I said this blog was going to be a little haphazard.
Tisha B'Av is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar and being in the holiest city, the one whose destruction we mourn on this day, was extremely meaningful.

Gila and I went to hear Eicha with the Women in Green, right outside the Old City.  Women In Green does a walk around the Old City every Tisha B'Av night.  I had heard that this was very moving and inspiring and wanted to participate.  This year, because of Ramadan, the walk had to be postponed until 11 PM and by the time Eicha was over I was not feeling up to doing the walk.

In the morning I davened at home and then spent time listening to explanations on Kinot from Rabbi Marcus that I had downloaded (shoutout to Ishei!) and reading articles online.  Although there were so many great programs in Yerushalayim, I didn't want to chance going out in the hot weather and not feeling well.  Later on in the afternoon, when it got cooler, Gila and I went to the Kotel for mincha.  After contemplating the churban all day, it was literally chilling to be at the site of the Makom Hamikdash.  After davening, there was a group of men and boys sitting on the floor of the plaza having a beautiful kumsitz.  Words can't even describe how special this was so I'm going to share the videos that I took.
The day was extremely meaningful and I hope and pray that this was the last year we are commemorating the Churban and that next year we celebrate with Mashiach!

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Lisa Cohen said...

that was beautiful. thanks so much for sharing!