Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just have to keep my mouth shut

Don't you hate it when you want to complain about something, but you can't? (Not in this venue anyway) This will have to suffice as my rant for today. All I can say is coworkers can be annoying sometimes.


Diana said...

I think that was what my last post was about!

Well, not the co-worker part.

The I'm afraid that people read my blog and I have to be secretive.

-Your (IY"H) #1 Commenter)

Greg said...

I hope it wasn't my "friend."

SaraK said...

You want to be my #1 commenter? I don't think I've seen many comments from you here...

Nope, not your "friend" :)

Diana said...

Some of them were invisible

Rebecca said...

Sara - welcome to my world. I decided long ago (like in August) that if I did my job as badly as some of my co-workers, I'd be fired.
My love and support to you!
~ Rebecca